Size Guide

Standard sizes

Our range of standard bed sizes are as follows:

Small single Width 2’6″ x  Length 6’3″ (75cm x 190cm)

Single Width 3’0″ x Length 6’3″ (90cm x 190cm)

Small Double Width 4’0″ x Length 6’3″ (120cm x 190cm)

Double Width 4’6″ x Length 6’3″ (135cm x 190cm)

King Width 5’0″ x Length 6’6″ (150cm x 200cm)

Superking Width 6’0″ x Length 6’6″ (180cm x 200cm)

Odd Sized Beds

If your feet hang over the end of your bed or you just need to create more space in your bedroom then we can help.

Our range of Classic beds and mattress can be made to measure.

Please bare in mind that the springing units used are only available in 3 inch blocks when deciding the size you need.

The price varies depending on the measurements sometimes there is no extra charge!

Please contact us for more information and prices.

*Please bear in mind that mattresses and divans are man made products and may differ very slightly to the dimensions given.

The dimensions of a framed bed are always different and we are happy to find out any measurements you need for your selected frame. The mattress sizes however remain the same.