Memory Foam

      Developed by NASA in the 1970s, memory foam has now become one of the most popular choice of mattresses there is today.

      The incredibly durable polyurethane based foam is filled with millions of minuscule air pockets, which decompress when met with body weight and heat. As air releases, the foam molds around your body, aligning it correctly and offering fantastic support.

      Memory foam also has fantastic pressure relieving qualities making it a great choice for those of you that suffer with joint or back problems.

      The combination of springs and memory foam works really well, especially if you like the more traditional feel of a sprung mattress with the bonus of extra support and comfort. Open coil springs and pocket springs are available with memory foam, each offering different feels and level of support.

      Here are some of the benefits memory foam offers you.

      • Moulds to your individual body shape
      • Relief of pressure points
      • Helps to reduce tossing and turning
      • Anti dustmite – great for asthma & allergy sufferers
      • Non turn mattresses